Directors Corner

Practice Schedule, February 20-24

No school or practice

Varsity: Watch critiques and tweak Jazz, out at 3
JV: Finish learning military in class

Varsity: Watch critiques and tweak Military, out at 3:30
JV: Clean jazz after school 3:15-4:30 pm

Varsity: Watch critiques and tweak Pom, out at 3
Rookies have practice until 4.
JV: Clean military in class

Pep rally for both teams.
JV will perform Pom and Varsity will perform Military.

*JV has practice Saturday the 25th from 8-11 a.m.

Practice Schedule, February 13-17

Varsity: Condition & clean three competition dances, out at 3:30
JV: Competition jazz tryouts after school until 4:30 pm

Varsity: Condition and clean competition dances, out at 3 pm
JV: Learn military during class

Varsity: Condition and clean competition dances , out at 3:30
JV: Clean pom for showoffs after school until 4:30 pm
*Showoffs begin at 6:30 pm

Varsity Practice Schedule, January 2-6

Monday-Optional team technique class at Fusion Dance Studio 1:00 pm

Tuesday-Practice until 3:30 pm relearning team jazz

Wednesday-Practice until 3:30 pm

Thursday-Practice until 3:00 pm

Friday-Practice until 3:00 pm last day of jazz


Pre-Camp Week 7/18-7/22, 2016

Monday-practice 9 am-12 pm
Tuesday-practice 9 am- 12 pm, Social Officers 1:30 pm-5:30 pm
Wednesday-practice 9 am - 12 pm, Social Officers 1:30 pm-5:30 pm
Thursday-practice 9 am -12 pm
Friday-practice 9 am - 12 pm, Lock In, 7 pm @Connect Church

Week of January 4-8, 2016

Monday-NO SCHOOl-Jv and varsity officers learn competition choreography, 10 am
Tuesday-Varsity competition jazz until 4:30*
Wednesday-Varsity competition jazz until 4:30*
Thursday-practice until 4:00
Friday-practice until 4:00

September 28-October 2

Monday-No practice
Tuesday-team practice until 4
Wednesday-team practice until 4
Thursday-team practice in class only, study hall 3-3:30
Friday-team building, study hall forms due, out at 3

August 17-21

Monday- Varsity only 9-11, JV and Varsity 3-5
Tuesday- Jv and Varsity 7-8 am and 3-4:30
Wednesday- varsity bus at 7 am for convocation, JV and Varsity practice 5:30-7:30 pm
Thursday-varsity only, 12-3 w/Ms. Shary
Friday-JV only, 9-11

Back to School Boot Camp

Wednesday, Aug 12- OFFICERS ONLY, 9:00 am, dance room
Thursday, Aug 13- Varsity ONLY, 9 am- 12 pm, LHS PAC
Friday, Aug 14- Varsity ONLY, 9 am-12 pm, LHS PAC
Monday, Aug 17-Varsity ONLY, 9 am -11 am, dance room and BOTH TEAMS, 3-5 , JV gym
Tuesday, Aug 18-7 am- 8 am conditioning, both teams, JV gym and BOTH TEAMS, 3-4:30, JV gym
Wednesday, Aug 19- Varsity performance at MISD Convocation bus at 7 am, BOTH teams practice 5:30-7:30, JV gym
Thursday, Aug 20- Varsity ONLY with Ms. Shary, 8 am- 11 am, JV gym
Friday-JV ONLY, 9 am-11 am, dance room

Pre-Camp Week @ Jobe MS gym

Sunday 7/19-Welcome Party at Rose Park
Monday 7/20-Practice 9:30-12:30
Tuesday 7/21-Practice 9:30-12:30, baby shower for Mrs Crook, 4-6 pm (see Evite)
Wednesday 7/22-Practice 9:30-12:30, SOCIAL Training 1:30-4:30, DANCE ROOM
Thursday, 7/23-Practice 9:30-12:30, SOCIAL Training 1:30-4:30, DANCE ROOM
Friday, 7/24-Practice 9:30-12:30 TEAM LOCK IN location TBA 6 pm-6 am

Officers will send out dress schedules for both teams this week.
Early is on time and on time is late!

Tryout Info for 2015-2016 Team

Thursday, April 2-tryout packet due to Mrs. Parlin at LHS
Tuesday, April 7-clinic day 1 4:45-6:45
Wednesday, April 8-clinic day 2 4:45-6:45
Thursday, April 9-clinic day 3 4:45-6:45
Friday, April 10-clinic day 4 4:45-6:45
Saturday, April 11-TRYOUT DAY-11:30 @Mansfield HS
Monday, April 13-Round Up (uniform fitting) JV @5:30, Varsity @7