Legacy Silver Spurs

Competition Season 2012-That's a Wrap!

The Silver Spurs closed out their competitive season Saturday, March 10 in Lewisville at Showtime International's Grand Finale. The team and officers were awarded sweepstakes and judges' award for all scores on all 6 dances 92 or above. The team won best in category for high kick, and were 1st runners up in jazz and production. The officers won best in category in hip hop and were 1st runners up in novelty and jazz. The team recieved an Applause Award for team production. The team was named the Circle of Champions team overall.

Silver Spurs Strut Their Stuff at Crowdpleasers Competition

Congratulations to Legacy’s first ever Grand Champion drill team! The Silver Spurs competed Saturday at South Grand Prairie High School at the South DFW Regional Showcase. Officers Jacy Hinkle, Kali Hofman, Emily Johnson, Alex Thomas and Kara Bohn took best in category in all 3 of the officer dances, pom, jazz, and hip hop! The officers also received super sweepstakes for all scores 90 or above, and were the grand champion officer line of the medium division! The team took first runner up in the jazz category, and were the best in category on their production number.

Crowdpleasers Dance Competition

The Silver Spurs Drill Team will compete Saturday, February 25 at South Grand Prairie High School. The team will compete in the categories of team jazz, high kick, production and open. Officers will compete in officer jazz, hip hop, and novelty. Admission is $8 to attend the competition. Come out and support the Silver Spurs, wear Legacy gear, and cheer loudly! The Spurs will compete next on March 10 at Lewisville High School with Showtime International.


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