Directors Corner

Week of October 8-12, 2012

Monday-NO SCHOOL-optional practice @ 9:30
Tuesday-Whale Done test, learn Moves Like Jagger
Wednesday-outside for yardlines, clean routine in gym, entrance
Thursday-drill routine, band practice
Friday-run through in class only

Week of October 1-5, 2012

Monday-pep rally practice in squads during class, pep rally auditions after school
Tuesday-Blazing Saddles review during class, pep rally formations and cleaning after school
Wednesday-Blazing Saddles auditions during class, Blazing Saddles formations and yard lines after school
Thursday-pep rally in class, Blazing Saddles after school, band 4-4:30
Friday-pep rally, bus at 6:15 for homecoming game

Week of September 24, 2012

Monday-chair routine, entrance
Tuesday-outside for yardlines, entrance
Wednesday-chair and homecoming pep rally
Thursday-chair and homecoming pep rally
Friday-chair, bus at 5:45 for Lancaster game

Week of Sept 17, 2012

Monday-corrections for chair routine
Tuesday-begin relearning homecoming pep rally routine
Wednesday-finish pep rally routine
Thursday-picture day
Friday-candle ceremony

Week of September 10

Monday-Pre-game and chair routine
Tuesday-Final auditions for chair, formations
Wednesday-yardlines, chair, band practice until 4:30
Thursday-pre-game and chair, no after school practice, report for game at 6:00
Friday-study hall for team, choreography for officers, no after school practice

Week of September 3, 2012

Monday-Labor day-NO SCHOOL
Wednesday-outside for yardlines for military, review chair
Thursday-chair pratice in squads
Friday-tryouts for chair, Disney payment #2 due, kickathon money due, bus at 5:45 for Kennedale game

Week of August 27, 2012

Monday-1st day of school! practice pom in class for pep rally
Tuesday-tryouts for military
Wednesday-tryouts for pom, outisde for military yard lines
Thursday-band practice after school
Friday-pep rally and first game, be at school at 5:45 for bus

Week of August 20, 2012

Monday-Officer lunch and strut practice 11:00
Tuesday-Team practice 10-12
Wednesday-Team practice 11-1
Thursday-Team practice 7 am-9 am
Friday-Team practice 9-12

Weeks of August 13-24

Monday, 8/13- veteran practice 10-12 and 1-3
Tuesday, 8/14-booster club meeting, 7 pm, PG114
Wednesday, 8/15-Fish night, veterans perform, 6-8pm
Monday, 8/20-team practice 7 am-9 am
Tuesday 8/21-team practice 11:30-1:30
Wednesday, 8/22-team practice 11:30-1:30
Thursday, 8/23-team practice 7 am-9 am
Friday, 8/24- team practice 9-12

Week of July 23-27, 2012

Monday, 7/23-Precamp practices begin, 9 am-12 pm, dance room
Tuesday, 7/24-Precamp continues
Wednesday, 7/25-Precamp continues
Thursday, 7/26-Precamp continues; Lock in 7 pm-7 am
Friday, 7/27-OFF
Precamp resumes Monday, 7/30