Legacy Silver Spurs

2017-2018 Tryouts

Tryouts for next year's team are right around the corner! If you're trying out, make sure you have a recent physical to turn in at clinics along with the forms everyone received at the meetings. Clinics will take place the week of April 3-6, and the actual tryouts will take place at Legacy the following Friday, April 7th. All times are TBA, but make plans to be there in order to become a Silver Spur and be a part of this amazing organization so many girls have come to call a family. We look forward to seeing you there!

Competition Season is here!

As the Silver Spurs enter the 2017 competition season, we encourage everyone to come out and support the girls! At Crowd Pleasers competition on February 18th at Timber Creek High School, only varsity will compete. Both varsity and JV Spurs will compete at Showtime competition on March 4th at Lewisville High School. The Silver Spurs have been training and working very hard in order to be successful, so come out and support our girls on their road to victory this competition season!

Silver Spurs Ready for 10th Anniversary

The Silver Spurs completed a summer of training camps and practices, and are ready to begin the tenth year of Legacy High School! We invite our alumni to join us for Homecoming on Friday, September 9 at Vernon Newsome Stadium. An alumni reception will be held on Saturday, September 10 from 10:30 am-12 pm in the dance room.


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