Team History

Six Years of Captains
Six Years of Captains: Marissa Bergère '14, Jacy Hinkle '13, Director Brooke Parlin, Alicia Perez '11, Nichole Fort '10, Cameron Skoczlas '09 (not pictured)


2020-2021 Team Photo

The 2020-2021 Silver Spurs had 37 Varsity Members , 26 Junior Varsity Members and 6 amazing Managers . The Varsity team was led by Captain Kaleah Dees, 1st Lt. Alley Hand, Sr. Lt. Aryssa Dominic, Sr. Lt. Ja'Riah Giles, Sr. Lt. Olivia Lawson, and Sr. Lt. Renee Ajibola. The JV officers were Captain Macie Lindstrom, 1st Lt. Aryanna Monroe and Sr. Lt. Emma Rea. The theme of the year was "RISE UP". The Highlight of the year was overcoming all of the obstacles due to the Covid Protocols and truly making the best out of a strange year. The Spurs competed at Crowd Pleasers, and won Team Performance: Super Sweepstakes, Team Hip Hop: Best in Class (outstanding choreography and technique), Team Lyrical: Best in Class (outstanding Choreography), Team Pom: 1st Runner Up (outstanding choreography, technique and performance quality), and 2nd Place Large Team. Varsity Officers won Super Sweepstakes, Best in Class Lyrical (outstanding choreography), Best in Class Pom (outstanding Choreography and execution), 2nd Runner up Jazz (outstanding choreography), and 3rd place overall Large Officer Line. JV Officers won Best in Class Lyrical and Superior Performance. Our Duets, Lawson/Armstrong and Dees/Hand, both won Superior Performance. Crowd Pleasers recognizes the Top 10 scoring soloists- 10th place was Macie Lindstrom and 3rd place was Claire Wisdom. The Directors and all the fans are so proud of the determination and hard work from this team! The Team and Parents are so grateful that we have Directors that chose to RISE UP and fight for the team to experience as much as possible this year, it wouldn't have been possible without Mrs. Parlin and Ms. Thomas. THANK YOU!


2017-2018 Team Photo


2018-2019 Team Photo


2017-2018 Team Photo


2016-2017 Team Photo


2015-2016 Team Photo


2013-2014 Team Photo
The 2014-2015 Silver Spurs had 32 members. The team was led by Captain Haylii Baylis, 1st Lt. Stevie Burns, 2nd Lt. Madison Ross, Sr. Lt. Erinn Killingsworth, and Sr. Lt. Annie McTighe. The theme for the year was "Having the Time of Our Lives," and was created by Stevie Burns. The highlight of the year was a trip to Los Angeles, California to perform in Disneyland! This was the first year for the Silver Spurs to host the Showtime International Texas Dance Challenge. The Spurs competed, and won Best in Category in Team Production (Hunger Games) and Officer Hip Hop at Showtime International's Lewisville competition. Both the team and officers won Circle of Champions. Haylii Baylis won Senior Solo Champion at the Raising the Barre competition at Martin High School. The JV team swept every category, as did their officers, and won Grand Champion team and Circle of Champion officers. The JV officers were Captain Abby Lodrigues, Lt. Mia Williams, Lt. Alex Corpus, and Lt. Ally Accipiter. The JV officers also won an award the first night of officer camp for Leading Full Circle. Haylii Baylis won the drill down competition at team camp at Martin High School. Nadia Gracia was named to the All-Star Kick Company. Ally Accipiter, Madison Ross and Haylii Baylis were named to the All-Star Jazz Company.


2013-2014 Team Photo
The 2013-2014 Silver Spurs had 35 members. The team was led by Captain Marissa Bergere, 1st Lt. Haylii Baylis, 2nd Lt. Taryn McCarty, Sr. Lt. Alejandra Perez, Jr. Lt. Stevie Burns, and Jr. Lt. Madison Ross. The Legacy Broncos Football team had their best season ever, and the Spurs got to perform at Texas Stadium. This was a competition year, and the team and officers won Grand Champions at Showtime International's DeSoto competition. Marissa Bergere and Haylii Baylis were solo finalists at competition as well.This was also the first year of the JV Silver Spurs with 22 members! They were led by officers Aubree Sutphin, Miranda Henson, Heather Brown, Brittney Tworek and Annie McTighe. Miranda Henson won the drill down competition at team camp at Martin High School. Marissa Bergere was named to the Kick Company and Jazz Company.


2012-2013 Team Photo
The 2012-2013 Silver Spurs had 45 members. The team was led by Captain Jacy Hinkle, 1st Lt. Kali Hofman, 2nd Lt. Kara Bohn, Sr. Lt. Micala Richards, Jr. Lt. Marissa Bergère, Jr. Lt. Taryn McCarty and Soph. Lt. Haylii Baylis. The team debuted a second field uniform in the fall of 2012, the popular sequined dress. The Spurs continued all of their performances and events, including the Jr. Silver Spur Clinic, Boys Hip Hop Clinic, and for the first time, Drill Team Prep Clinic. This event was attended by 118 dancers! The highlight of the year was the team trip to Orlando, Florida. The ladies wowed crowds on stage in Disney World! The 4th Annual Spring Show, GLOW, was held in the brand new MISD Center for Performing Arts.[End of Year Slide Show 2013]


2011-2012 Team Photo
The 2011-2012 Silver Spurs Drill team had 34 members. The team worked hard under the leadership of Captain Jacy Hinkle, 1st Lt. Kali Hofman, Sr. Lt. Emily Johnson, Jr. Lt. Alex Thomas and Soph. Lt. Kara Bohn. Senior Emily Johnson became the first ever four-year Silver Spur. The team was chosen as Most Admired Team on the first day of team camp, and kept winning awards and recognition throughout the year. The 1st Annual Holiday Dinner show was held in December of 2011. The Silver Spurs were the only performing act in the City of Mansfield Holiday Parade in 2011. The creation of the Boys Hip Hop Clinic, held in conjunction with the Jr. Silver Spurs Clinic, began in 2011. The 1st Annual Team Retreat was held at Texas Star Ranch in Weatherford in February of 2012. The team competed in the spring of 2012 becoming Legacy’s first team to win both Circle of Champion and Grand Champion Team! Kali Hofman was the Senior Solo Champion at Showtime Lewsiville. [End of Year Slide Show 2012]


2010-2011 Team Photo
With Legacy’s fourth year came a Silver Spur team of 25. Captain Alicia Perez, 1st Lt. Gena Newcomb, Sr. Lt. Bianca Martinez and Soph. Lt. Jacy Hinkle led the team. The team debuted a new performance top, the zebra “Spurs” top. The Spurs continued traditional performances at football games, pep rallies, basketball games, dance recitals, and held their annual spring show. At competition, the officers and team were awarded sweepstakes, and the team won Best in Category for High Kick. The team trip was to San Antonio for fun at Fiesta Texas and Sea World. The Spurs held the 2nd Annual Jr. Silver Spurs Clinic in February of 2011, and Bronco Dance Camp was back by popular demand in June.


In the summer of 2009, the team’s second director was hired to direct the Silver Spurs. Mrs. Brooke Parlin followed Mrs. Summer Hiett, and is currently the director. The team had 15 members for its third year, and three officers. Captain Nichole Fort, 1st Lt. Sarah Daniels, and Lt. Samantha Streeter.

During 2009-2010, the Silver Spurs had more firsts. The 1st Annual Holiday Show to the elementary schools was established, the 1st Annual Jr. Silver Spur Clinic was established with 80 young dancers, and Bronco Dance Camp was created for young dancers to train at during the summer. They competed for the first time, winning sweepstakes for team and officer, as well as Best in Category for Team Novelty and Team Jazz. The officers debuted their competitive legacy as Grand Champions! Another exciting moment was when the team performed in the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL.



History shared by former Silver Spur Director, Summer Klund Hiett, 2007-2009.

The First Line picked the name "Silver Spurs." It was an idea originated by our first Captain, Cameron Skoczlas. During summer practices in June 2007, before Line Camp, we had a meeting about creating traditions and deciding the beginning of the 'Legacy' of the team. We did some brainstorming during those first meetings on those topics.

Officers were picked for the team back in late April of 2007 before the school opened, and the team was picked in early April 2007.

The team's first director, Summer Klund Hiett, designed the uniforms during our first Officer Camp.

The officers and team were involved with most decision making and tradition making that went on.
First Officers were: Captain Cameron Skoczlas
Lieutenants: Ariel Brown, Nichole Fort, Elizabeth Winans

First Line had 17 members.

Summer Noel Hiett (formerly Klund)