Competition Season 2022

The Spurs had a successful competition season this year. At the first competition, the spurs took home many awards. Macie Lindstrom won 7th place solo and Claire Wisdom won 2nd place solo out of 47 senior solos! The JV Officers won 1st place trio. The Varsity Officers won 1st place contemporary, 2nd place lyrical, outstanding artistry in contemporary, 3rd place large division, and 3rd place overall. The team won 1st place lyrical, 2nd place military, 2nd place pom, 2nd place large team, and 3rd place overall! At the second competition, the spurs brought it!! For solos, Macie Lindstrom was runner up and Claire Wisdom was the solo champion and scholarship recipient!! Aubrey and Allye’s duet placed runner up and the JV officers won 1st place small ensemble. The Varsity Officers received sweepstakes awards for placing 2nd in jazz, 1st in lyrical, 1st in contemporary, and 2nd place overall. They received supreme awards for highest scoring lyrical and contemporary. The team received sweepstakes and judges awards for placing 1st in pom, 1st in military, 1st in lyrical, as well as supreme awards for having the highest scores in those categories. They also received an applause award for outstanding technique in lyrical. They won 1st place medium team and 1st place best of the best team overall!!! They couldn’t have asked for a better end to the season and start to spring break than a 1st place win!